The Vastater

When you vastate someone, you do something good for them.

As in, “You’re listening to some awesome music.  You gonna vastate me with that?”

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The Vastater Playlist

  1. Beck-Missing
  2. Gomez-Hamoa Beach
  3. Scissor Sisters-The Other Side
  4. West Indian Girl-What Are You Afraid Of (Dert Remix)
  5. Belle & Sebastian-Sukie In The Graveyard
  6. The Sound of Professor Frink Flinging a Microscope
  7. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-In This Home On Ice
  8. Built To Spill-The Plan
  9. Say Hi To Your Mom-Blah Blah Blah
  10. Bow Wow Wow-Fools Rush In (Kevin Shields Remix)
  11. The Radio Dept.-The Worst Taste In Music (Extended)
  12. Cornelius-Chapter 8 – Seashore and Horizon
  13. Caribou-Hello Hammerheads
  14. The Polyphonic Spree-The Beginning Stages, Part 9 (Reach for the Sun)
  15. America/Deepsky-Ventura Highway [Deepsky’s Blizzard in L.A. Remix]
  16. The Flaming Lips-The Sound of Failure
  17. Ryuichi Sakamoto-War & Peace (Cornelius Remix)
  18. Mathis from the Bronx-You gonna vastate me with those Yankee tickets?
  19. Nouvelle Vague-This Is Not A Love Song (Thievery Corporation Mix)


I had a lot of thoughts about the artwork. You can read about it here, and here.

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