Spotify Wedding Playlists

Do you have a Spotify wedding playlist?

We love Spotify! It’s a great way to share playlists and make sure that you hear the music you love at your wedding. Take advantage of our collection of wedding playlists on Spotify. You could copy songs directly into your own Spotify wedding playlist! Our planning spreadsheet has a list of all the songs for you to mark as a yes, no or meh.

Together, we can create the perfect playlist for your wedding

Celebrate with the music you love!

Our playlists are just a starting point. Your input helps create the best soundtrack for your wedding. Check out some actual playlists from recent weddings.

The cocktail hour is a time for sampling different food, drinks and music. Here are some cocktail hour mixes custom made for individual weddings.

The music for your wedding will be as unique as you are. Tell us about your vision for your wedding, and about the music you love.

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