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Cira Centre Wedding

Here’s what the bride had to say:

Adam was the best DJ we could have asked for. He worked at length with us on how the night would play out and made the music and the night about us. I would recommend him without a doubt- he is a professional and knows what he’s doing.

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The Vastater

When you vastate someone, you do something good for them.

As in, “You’re listening to some awesome music. ¬†You gonna vastate me with that?”

Download this mix in a zipped folder with individual mp3 files.
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Doodah Mix

One of the first CD mixes I ever made!

You can sing along to all the songs on the Doodah Mix without using any language. Back in those days, I didn’t have the technology to fade songs into one another, so there was a two-second gap between each track. The cover art was printed on specialty paper and then pressed onto the discs. The case was a folded piece of paper.
I don’t have a copy of the original CD, but you can listen to the tracks on Spotify. Many of the songs, like the two by the Rolling Stones, have been remastered.
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