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DJ Adam Oded

Jennell M, Philadelphia, PA The Painted Bride, Philadelphia, PA

“He was professional, fun and prepared. He is truly “custom” and understands pretty intuitively how much direction his clients need. We had a precise playlist of 12 hours of music to cut down, and he helped us narrow in to discover the necessary flow / music by getting to know us and the anecdotes behind our selections. It was a cool process.

Unlike most wedding DJs who are very boisterous, off-putting and on auto-pilot with the typical wedding hits, Adam was the cool, personable wizard behind the curtain.”

Claudia S, Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia Business & Technology Center, Philadelphia, PA

“The music was epic, but what sets Adam apart more than anything is how much he really cares about your day being for YOU, and doing little things that make a difference. He practiced the pronunciation of the Father of the Bride’s name for weeks, made a point of coming to meet us at our favorite bar, and took the time to sit down with my dad at the end of the night and compliment his speech. Every step of the way it was clear that Adam truly cared about making our wedding day everything we dreamed it would be.”


My first event was New Year’s Eve 2002 in Times Square. In the years since then, I’ve been the DJ for weddings and special events in all kinds of places: Barns, Boats, Beach Houses, Museums, Art Galleries, Restaurants, Historic Estates, Social Halls, backyards, and some other classy venues. I love all kinds of music and give credit to my clients for exposing me to some great stuff that I would not have found otherwise.

I can play rock, pop, hip-hop, top-40, indie, alternative, salsa, merengue, bachata, bollywood, Gujarati, Brazilian, Russian, Israeli, and am willing to learn more genres to make your event great!

Statistics Nerd

Ever wonder about the most popular wedding music?  538 did a great study and assembled The Ultimate Wedding Playlist - 200 of the most requested songs at weddings.  Their list is similar to the one that I made based on experience.  Recently they put out The Ultimate Playlist of Banned Wedding Songs.  The most banned song is -- of course -- The Chicken Dance.

Spotify Power User

I love Spotify.  It's a great tool for listening, discovering and collaborating.  I use it to help prepare for events, and share playlists.

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  • To see all my public playlists, check out my profile.
  • Recent lists made for my own amusement:
    • Consultants of Swing - Has nothing to do with swing music.  The title is a riff on Sultans of Swing.  
    • Shampoo - When I get back to podcasting, I'm going to feature these songs.
    • Trolls Deconstructed - My 5-year-old daughter loves the Trolls movie and soundtrack.  I made a playlist of the original songs that are reused in the movie.
    • Frikadellers - The title is a reference to the running jokes in season 20 of South Park.  Enjoying the frikadellers?