Pre-Mixed Wedding

Hunter & Greg Pre-Mixed Wedding

A lovely couple in Brooklyn booked a restaurant for their intimate wedding gathering of about 40 people. There was no room for a DJ at the venue, so we premixed the entire wedding. The results were phenomenal!

The Process:

The grooms sent me a Spotify list that had all of their selected music for the whole wedding. After listening to the playlist and discussing the flow of the event, we decided to break it down into six mixes.

  1. Cocktails
  2. Rock & Dance: a playlist that moves from rock to pop to familiar dance songs.
  3. Get Down & Dance: a playlist that starts with current bangers and ends up in the disco.
  4. Lip Sync For Your Life: a chance for everyone to sing along.
  5. Whiskey Wiggle: a playlist made for drinking whiskey and wiggling in your seat.
  6. Closers: their closing musical statement to their guests.

Here’s what the groom had to say:

“We surprisingly got a small restaurant into a full scream sing-along of jump dancing when Robyn came on. An evening of tears, laughs, and dancing. The playlists worked great and kept the evening going until 1am.”

Listen to the mixes:

Hunter & Greg Pre-Mixed Wedding

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