The Greatest Wedding No Play List

no play list

When planning music for your wedding, the no-play list is just as important as the play list. Maybe more important. As a wedding DJ, it’s my obligation to ask couples which songs they don’t want to hear on their wedding day. Those songs vary from couple to couple. Some people want to avoid cheesy overplayed songs like Kool & The Gang’s Celebration or Pharrell’s Happy. Many couples want to avoid participation dances like the Electric Slide and the Macarena, or entire genres of music like Rap, Country or House Music. On the other hand, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, so it’s important to ask.

Most couples are able to articulate which songs or styles they don’t want at their wedding. Every once and a while, I get a no play list that is awe inspiring in its breadth and detail. What follows is an actual no play list from a couple getting married this year.  It’s so epic, that I have to share it.  So with the permission of my clients, I present to you:

The Greatest No Play List. Ever.

Dave Matthews Band
Michael Jackson
Jimmy Buffet
Gloria Estefan
Elton John
Beach Boys
Black Eyed Peas
Chris Brown
Smash Mouth
Justin Beiber
Taylor Swift
Any group dances whatsoever
Any sort of congo line
Wagon Wheel
Build Me Up Buttercup
Take Me Home, Country Roads
Songs with ‘freak’, ‘groove’, ‘boogie’ in the title.
Blurred Lines
Everybody’s Working for the Weekend
Don’t Stop Believing
Love Shack
Brick House
Always Be My Baby
I Like Big Butts
Sweet Caroline
Walking on Sunshine

So, if those songs are off the list, what did you play?

Great question! The playlist had lots of popular songs from different genres and eras, and some great indie music.  See the full playlist here.

PS: In case you were wondering what we actually played at this wedding, click here. It’s a pretty solid wedding playlist.
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