Music That Made Me Happy In 2014

happy in 2014

I’ve been inspired by all the new music released this year. In July, I put together a mix featuring music I was listening to in the first half of the year. Earlier this week, I wrote about the new music that I discovered by reading other people’s year-end lists. Here’s the rest of the music that made me happy in 2014.

Notes & Videos

Flight Facilities (Featuring Reggie Watts) – Sunshine

Flight Facilities finally put out a full album this year. I’ve been a fan since they released Crave You as a single.

Saint Pepsi – Fiona Coyne

A lot of making out in the video, right? Like, serious sucking face. Saint Pepsi has two songs out, this is one of them. Looking forward to a full album.

Silk Rhodes – Face 2 Face

If Sly & The Family Stone put out an album today, it would sound like this.

Chromeo – Old 45s

Awesome video with cameos by Haim and Napoleon Dynamite. I’ve been a fan of Chromeo since 2009 when I put one their songs on a mix, but these days, their Yo Gabba Gabba song is in heavy rotation with my 2-year-old.

Superstructure – Out At The Deep End

Hard to sit still while listening to this…actually, I move my neck around a lot to this song.

Taylor McFerrin – Already There

I love the production on this track.

Chris Joss – Incidental Affair

I spent about a month listening Bimbo Satellite. Powerful funk.

The Budos Band – The Sticks

I got turned on to The Budos Band in a mountain house with a bunch of burners my wife introduced me to.

Calibro 35 – Get Carter

Calibro 35, from on the Milan based label Record Kicks, makes music that sounds like classic soundtracks. Get Carter is a cover of the title track to a 1971 Michael Caine movie.

Yumi Zouma – Sålka Gets Her Hopes Up

Love the dreamy vocals.

Steve Gunn – Way Out Weather

This sounds like something I heard on AM radio in my mother’s car in 1974.

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