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Topics for every happy couple to discuss with the wedding DJ. These resources will help you plan your wedding music with ease, style and taste.

Wedding Plan: Special Songs

Planning your wedding playlist can seem like a daunting task. This page will guide you through the process of finding a few special songs for specific moments at your wedding.

The First Dance

Even unconventional couples with unique weddings should consider a first dance. Sometimes it takes place immediately after the grand entrance. Other times it takes place during the salad course or immediately after. Most times, the couple will have the first dance alone, with the rest of the guests invited to join them in the middle or after their dance. With all of the excitement and celebration at a wedding, the newlywed couple is often pulled in 2-3 directions at the same time. The first dance is a time when the couple can spend a few minutes together, sharing a dance and and a few words in relative peace. I recommend a slow song for this dance. Avoid cheesy and cliche music: pick something that’s meaningful to you.

First Dance. (Photo courtesy of Reiner Photography)
First Dance.
(Photo courtesy of Reiner Photography)

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Wedding Plan: Grand Entrance

Enter With Grace and Confidence

The newlywed’s first entrance as married couple is a special and memorable moment.  Each couple has an entrance that is meaningful them.  Sometimes the whole wedding party is introduced, other times, just the couple.  Sometimes one spouse or both change their names.  Communicating about this with your DJ will allow you to make your entrance with grace and confidence. Continue reading Wedding Plan: Grand Entrance

Wedding Plan: Arrival Through Ceremony

Starting your wedding right!

Here are 5 questions to consider for the beginning of your wedding: from the arrival of the guests until the end of the ceremony.

  1. Will there be music  before the ceremony? If so, will you have live musicians or will you be using our DJ service?  (I usually play piano music for this segment or other customized playlists.)
  2. Will there be a wedding procession? If so, what songs would you like to hear for the entry of the bridal party, parents, flower girls, groom and bride?
  3. Do you need any amplification for the ceremony itself? Will you be using the venue’s PA system for the ceremony?
  4. Is there a specific song you would like played at the conclusion of the ceremony?
  5. Is there a playlist for the exit of the bridal party and guests into the cocktail hour? (Here’s an example from a recent wedding.)

Wedding Plan: Contact List

Getting To Know The Rest Of The Team

It’s helpful to have a contact sheet that can be shared with the members of the wedding party and the vendors. The DJ, caterer, photographer and wedding planner are all committed to making your wedding special. I like to introduce myself to the rest of the team a week or two in advance in order to establish a rapport with them, so we can work together naturally during the event.

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