Wedding Plan: Grand Entrance

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Enter With Grace and Confidence

The newlywed’s first entrance as married couple is a special and memorable moment.  Each couple has an entrance that is meaningful them.  Sometimes the whole wedding party is introduced, other times, just the couple.  Sometimes one spouse or both change their names.  Communicating about this with your DJ will allow you to make your entrance with grace and confidence.

Questions To Help Plan Your Entrance

  • Will the wedding party be entering first? If so, please list their full names in the order that they will enter.
  • Is there a song for the wedding party entrance?
  • How should the newlyweds be introduced? (Mr. & Mrs.? First names only? Shared last name?)
  • What is the entry song for the newlyweds? (You can choose any song or even a clip from within a song.)
  • What happens after the entrance? Do you have your first dance? Does everyone join you in dance? Is there a welcome, blessing or toast?
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