Mennu Wins The World Cup

Mennu Wins The World Cup

Feel the excitement!

The keys to victory are: score early and often, put on a good act in front of the referee, and don’t bite anyone!

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Mennu Wins The World Cup

  1. Shelter Song – Temples
  2. Germany’s First Goal Against Brazil
  3. Come Back – White Denim
  4. Penal! Penal! Penal! Penalty! – Univision
  5. Not Going Home – Great Good Fine Ok
  6. Score! – Dutch Radio
  7. My Silver Lining – First Aid Kit
  8. Is This How You Feel? – The Preatures
  9. Brazil Scores First Goal After 7 By Germany
  10. Think Too Much, Feel Too Little – JAWS
  11. Surely Not Again! – British Television
  12. Chill Pill (Experiment 2) – Hawk House
  13. Seasons (Waiting On You) – Future Islands
  14. Waiting All Night – Phish
  15. Red Eyes – The War on Drugs
  16. Midnight in Harlem – Tedeschi Trucks Band
  17. Tulsa Yesterday – Chris Robinson Brotherhood
  18. Turtles All the Way Down – Sturgill Simpson

About The Clips

The spectacle of the Mondial presented a number of full color audio memories.  I tried to capture the sound of these moments and present them in 3 dimensions. A Dutch player flopped late in the game against Mexico.  The resulting penalty kick decided the game.  With the help of my friends from the Hamptons, I was able to locate the Univision highlights of the game and the announcer’s reaction to the flop. Soccer, and possibly all sports, sound more exciting in Spanish, and I’ve never heard someone announce a penalty with as much gusto. With the help of my man in Amsterdam (who was actually in Israel at the time), I was able to sample legendary Dutch sports radio announcer Jack van Gelder calling the winning goal.  His laughter is giddy, just short of diabolical.

There was also an incident with Luis Suárez  of Uruguay who seemed to have bit another player.  I’m no expert on FIFA rules, but I’m pretty sure that you can’t bite other players, particularly if they are on the other team.  And this isn’t the first time Suárez  has been caught in the act.  The British announcer seems shocked when he says, “Surely, not again!”

The overreaction of players in the Mondial is comical.

The Brazilians entered the Mondial with high hopes.  Their run ended when Germany ran  up the score against them on their home turf.  The Germans scored 7 goals before the Brazilians scored a single goal in garbage time.  The FIFA website has clips of the game without announcers, so I sampled Germany’s first goal and Brazil’s only goal.  The cheer from the home crowd was muffled through their tears.

About The Title

The album art and title are blatantly ripped off from dub reggae pioneer Scientist, and his 1983 album Scientist Wins The World Cup.  I was exposed to this gem by the Mixmonster, Uri Wertheim, a producer and sound engineer in Israel who inspires me to be a better DJ.  You can listen to side one of Scientist Wins The World Cup, on a record, no less, here.

Mennu Wins The World Cup

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