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This four-hour playlist defies categorization. It’s got a lot of the elements that you already expect from my Spotify Long Player mixes: deep tracks, remixes, funk, breakbeats, and female vocalists.

There is so much great music available today on Spotify and other streaming services. When I put on my headphones and get into Musical Discovery Mode, I feel like a child in a confectionery.

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Confectionery Playlist
  1. Booker T. Jones, Yim Yames – Progress
  2. Miguel, Tame Impala – waves – Tame Impala Remix
  3. The Growlers – Night Ride
  4. Isaiah Sharkey – Believe
  5. Bill Laurance – Time to Run
  6. Montana – Warp Factor II
  7. Chip Wickham – Rebel No.23
  8. Funky Destination, Soopasoul – The Inside Man – Soopasoul Remix
  9. Kikagaku Moyo – Dripping Sun
  10. Walter Wanderley – Os Grilos
  11. Jazzinuf – Caff猫 Mocha
  12. Pan Amsterdam – The Lotion Song
  13. Vursatyl – High Horse
  14. Ricky-Tick Big Band, Julkinen Sana – Julkinen Sana
  15. Fort Knox Five, K+Lab, Baby Bam – Jinglin’ Janglin’
  16. Louis Cole – Weird Part of The Night
  17. Armand Van Helden, Komes – Fried Chicken
  18. The Du-Rites – Don’t Call Me Pedro
  19. Tom Misch, De La Soul – It Runs Through Me
  20. Orgone, Adryon de Le贸n – Suma Juice
  21. The Derevolutions – Just One Look
  22. Palov – Lokums & Matches
  23. Dent May – Why I Came To California
  24. Richard Swift – Broken Finger Blues
  25. Galt MacDermot – Coffee Cold
  26. Galt MacDermot – Fishing
  27. Marcus Miller – Blast
  28. Jeff Lorber Fusion – Sport Coat Makes Good
  29. Van Morrison – Ain’t Gonna Moan No More
  30. Portugal. The Man, Medasin – Feel It Still – Medasin Remix
  31. Turkuaz – Bubba Slide
  32. Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters – One Dragon Two Dragon
  33. Shuggie Otis – Inspiration Information
  34. Bob James – Take Me To The Mardi Gras
  35. Delicate Steve – Selfie of a Man
  36. Men I Trust – Show Me How
  37. J.Lamotta – Turning
  38. Amber Arcades – Alpine Town
  39. Paper Void – Safekeeping
  40. Kacey Musgraves – High Horse
  41. Deerhunter – Element
  42. Kikagaku Moyo – Nazo Nazo
  43. Morcheeba, Benjamin Biolay – Paris sur Mer
  44. Joutro Mundo – Melo Da Garrafa
  45. Pat Van Dyke – Lotus
  46. Lennie Hibbert – Village Soul
  47. Kelenkye Band – Jungle Music
  48. Kimara Lovelace, Danny Tenaglia – Only You – DT’s Groove Jet Mix
  49. Ghetto Brothers – Got This Happy Feeling
  50. Dzihan & Kamien – I’ve Seen …
  51. Nubiyan Twist, Nubiya Brandon – Brother

Confectionery Liner Notes

About the music

馃くIf you have eight minutes and twenty-four seconds to melt your brain down, then check out Bill Laurance – Time To Run.

馃敟Chip Wickham might blow the meanest flute I’ve heard since Hubert Laws.

馃嵍Warm up some sake before listening to Dripping Sun by Kikagu Moyo.

鉀革笍Imagine people ice skating in fashionable European ski resorts in the 1960s while you listen to Os Grilos by Walter Wanderley.

鈽昑he receptionist said, “Please hold while we find your reservation,” as Caffe Mocha played in the background.

馃嚦馃嚧Julkinen Sana is the result of Norwegians mixing Big Band and Hip Hop.

馃槬Good thing Van Morrison Aint Gonna Moan No More. He will keep making deep tracks.

馃幑Galt McDermot passed away in December 2018 at the age of 90. You should read Egon’s long-form article about his life and legacy.

馃槑I got turned on to Louis Cole when my friend shared this video on social media:

About the title

I listen to books on tape when I drive. Usually, I’ll take an audio book out of the public library using Hoopla or Overdrive. I started Grant by Ron Chernow and wasn’t even 1/10 of the way through it when it was due back to the library. So, I took out the discy-disc version of the book from the library, encoded the discs into MP3 and put it on a USB stick in my car. That way I can listen to it at my leisure.

Chernow is a great biographer. He goes into great detail when he researches and talks about historical figures. He describes a scene in Grant where after winning the Civil War, the Grants made a visit Ulysses’ parents and siblings in Galena, Illinois. His father, Jesse Root Grant, a total schemer who was always trying to cash in on his son’s name. He ran a leather goods store which he ran with his other two sons, Simpson and Orvil. The jealousy shown by his sister-in-law is remarkable:

Old family jealousies still festered and Orvil鈥檚 wife, Mary, reacted to Grant鈥檚 visit with her old tart-tongued perspective about her brother-in-law.”He was the same, maybe a little more self impressed, but Julia was much worse,” she said. “She still ran after him, bragged on him, told me, ‘Isn’t he ever more handsome with his three-star boards?’ and like nonsense.  She togged herself in expensive clothes, but he still was dressed like he rolled out of bed, though Julia always said he was the handsomest soldier, always fussing and hovering over him, which he lapped up like a boy in a confectionery.”

Grant Ron Chernow

About the artwork

I had considered using some stock art pictures of candy shops from Unsplash – a treasure trove of free high-quality stock photos.

But in the end, I went with a photo that I took in the outdoor market in Jerusalem in 2005. Check out the whole set on Google Photos.

Special Thanks

I appreciate all the people in my life that share music with me. Some people don’t even know the impact. Maybe they never will. Either way, thanks to the following: Brandon, Brian, Cheesy, Daniel, Gil, and all the robots.

In case you missed the last few of these:

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