Turn Up The Decibels

turn up the decibels
  1. WhoMadeWho-Keep Me in My Plane
  2. Passion Pit-The Reeling
  3. Persian Radio-Turn Up The Decibels
  4. Datarock-Give It Up
  5. The Gossip-Your Mangled Heart
  6. Kinny-Enough Said
  7. Neon Indian-Deadbeat Summer
  8. YACHT-Psychic City
  9. Jordaan Mason & The Horse Museum-Avalanches
  10. Marissa Nadler-River Of Dirt
  11. St. Vincent-The Strangers
  12. Animal Collective-My Girls
  13. Espers-Trollslända
  14. Múm-Sing Along
  15. Deep Cuts From The Cheeze-I’m In Charge
  16. Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse-Revenge
  17. Songs-Clouds
  18. Girls-Lauren Marie

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Turn Up The Decibels

Liner Notes

All the tracks in this mix are from 2009. The picture is from a wedding at the Mutter Museum that same year.

1-WhoMadeWho-Keep Me in My Plane: The video for this song is great.
2-Passion Pit-The Reeling: I have an ongoing battle in my mind against the people who work in marketing. If I’m turned onto a cool track and it shows up in a commercial, I win. If there’s a cool song that I’ve never heard of in a commercial, they win. I usually win. Whether it’s Royksopp in a Geico ad, M. Ward in a Budweiser commerical or Nick Drake plugging VWs, I usually win. I was recently caught out by a cell phone ad. The campaign had a song by Passion Pit called Sleepyhead. It’s a great track,and I recall hearing it and thinking, “What is this?” But for this mix, I’ve chosen an even better song by Passion Pit, one that is untainted by the evil of marketing.
3-Persian Radio-The Khaaaakh: This clip is from Family Guy. In the episode, Stewie says, I wish I hadn’t stayed up all night listening to Persian Radio. At the end of the clip, the guy really sells the חחחחח.
4-Datarock-Give It Up: The last verse of this track says it all. “We’ll hook you up to an enema/Oh oh oh oh/And don’t stop till you get enough.”
5-The Gossip-Your Mangled Heart: Lesbian riot grrl Beth Ditto screams with a heartfelt passion for unrequited love. “I don’t want the world/I only want what I deserve.”
6-Kinny-Enough Said: More unrequited love in this track. Even though it came out this year, it sounds like classic Motown.
7-Neon Indian-Deadbeat Summer: This past New Year’s Eve, I was at home with acute bronchitis. I didn’t go out to any parties, and stayed home instead and did shots of cough syrup. Whenever this track turned up in my playlist, with all it’s sloppy and off-key notes, I would get up and do a little jig.
8-YACHT-Psychic City: Another good video. I enjoy the water drop loop and the fun lyrics.
9-Jordaan Mason & The Horse Museum-Avalanches: Aquarium Drunkard does a much better job of explaining this one.
10-Marissa Nadler-River Of Dirt: This song has a haunting sound to it. Wish I had put this song in its place.
11-St. Vincent-The Strangers: More spooky sounds.
12-Animal Collective-My Girls
13-Espers-Trollslända: This whole album is a trip. Very chill. Mellow.
14-Múm-Sing Along: This is almost a pop song from múm. Normally, these Icelandish artists make clicky loopy sounding stuff.
15-Deep Cuts From The Cheeze-I’m In Charge: This is my friend Cheeze. He’s actually a muppet.
16-Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse-Revenge: It’s actually Flaming Lips and somehow, David Lynch is involved.
18-Girls-Lauren Marie: This one didn’t fit on the disc version.

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