Montclair Bat Mitzvah

montclair bat mitzvah

The Un-Bat Mitzvah

This bat mitzvah, at Bnai Keshet, in Montclair, NJ, was supposed to be different from the start. There wasn’t going to be all the pomp and flash that you might see at similar parties. It was meant to be a more intimate celebration, reflective of the family’s values. During the planning of the event, the parents talked about the event being very “low key.” But low key does not mean low energy The crowd was diverse and energetic and danced through the night. The circled wildly to the hora, and rocked out to some Saturday night classic rock.

Montclair Bat Mitzvah Playlist

For the Israeli side of the family there was Eyal Golan, Tippex and Zohar Argov. Playing in New Jersey usually means some Springsteen, and we hit the nail on the head with “Sherry Darling.” There was classic rock, showtunes, and top-40. In fact, this was the first party of summer 2013 where I played Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” It would not be my last. For the full playlist, click here.

A Little Planning

I like to prepare spreadsheets that have contact information for all the other vendors, lists of songs requests and a schedule for the event. Sometimes the people planning the party aren’t as formal, but the smallest amount of planning can prove to be very helpful. Here’s a schedule for the evening written on a cocktail napkin that was scanned and emailed to me. It was good enough.

Bat Mitzvah Notes Cocktail Napkin

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