Spring Hill Manor Wedding

spring hill manor wedding

Classic Rock on Records

This wedding took place on a gorgeous day in late June at Spring Hill Manor in Rising Sun, MD.  It was fun planning the music with the bride and groom. The couple asked for a lot of classic rock, and even brought some of their favorite records with them to the wedding.  I was so inspired by their vinyl collection, I surprised them a copy of Salt-N-Peppa’s “Whatta Man” on a record.  Through the night, I was able to switch over to vinyl for a some songs,  including “Golden Years” by David Bowie and “We’ve Only Just Begun” by The Carpenters.

For the full digital playlist for the night, click here.

Spring Hill Manor

Front entrance to Spring Hill Manor.
Front entrance to the barn at Spring Hill Manor.

Spring Hill Manor is a gorgeous setting.  The wedding reception took place in an old barn.  Downstairs and behind the barn was a spacious outdoor patio with a view of rolling countryside.  There’s also a pool, and as expected, by the end of the wedding, there were a couple of guests floating around in there.  The owner of the estate is a really nice guy named Jamie who is there personally for events.  While many venues will try to get people out the door after the set ending time, Jamie was happy to allow the guests and the part to continue much later than planned.  It’s great to have that kind of flexibility in a venue.  I highly recommend this venue!

For more information, contact Jamie Sherrard: 410-658-3815 or sherrardjs@aol.com.

View of the DJ before the wedding.
View of the DJ before the wedding.
DJ's view of the room before the wedding.
DJ’s view of the room before the wedding.
A special wedding gift for the bride and groom.
A special wedding gift for the bride and groom.



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