T-Top Cruising Jams

t-top-cruising-jamsBefore the first oil crisis in the 1976, when gas was cheap, Detroit manufactured cars made of steel with powerful gas-guzzling engines. Turning the key to start the ignition was exciting, because the car would roar to life with a healthy motor sound. Seat belts were optional and there might have been beer involved.

Conditions on today’s roads are a lot safer. Seat belts are mandatory, and drunk driving is illegal, strictly enforced, and socially unacceptable. Our cars are made of lighter materials and our engines are much more fuel efficient, even though they sound more like sewing machines than classic cars.

T-Top Cruising Jams is an homage to the muscular cars of the 70s, and the deep tracks blaring from their primitive mobile hi-fi systems.

T-Top Cruising Jams

Start your engines!

This mix features deep tracks by Little Feat, The Marshall Tucker Band, Aztec Two-Step, Molly Hatchet, Graham Parker and Santana.

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