Cashing In This Ten Cent Life For Another One

Cashing In This Ten Cent Life For Another One

What if you could only express yourself using Steely Dan songs?

Cashing In This Ten Cent Life does just that. The mix was part of a series of 6 mixes in 6 days that expressed how I was feeling at the time. I’m happy to say that I feel a lot better now.

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About The Artwork

In 1879, Spanish Archaologist Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola was looking for cave paintings with his 9 year old daughter, Maria. The father and daughter checked out all the walls of the cave and found nothing. It seemed like the search would result in failure until Maria tugged on her father’s sleeve and pointed up toward the ceiling, “Papa! Toro!” Maria had discovered the upper paleolithic painted ceiling in Altamira, the earliest cave painting discovered in the late 1800s. This cave is referenced in the Steely Dan Song, “The Caves of Altamira.”



Cashing In This Ten Cent Life For Another One

1-Do It Again
2-Night by Night
3-The Caves of Altamira
4-Your Gold Teeth
5-I Got The News (demo version)
6-Bad Sneakers
7-Here At The Western World
8-Any World (That I’m Welcome To)
9-Midnight Cruiser
11-The Nightfly
12-Black Cow
13-Things I Miss the Most
14-Doctor Wu
15-Through With Buzz
16-Daddy Don’t Live in That New York City No More
17-What A Shame About Me (live)
18-Deacon Blues

Download the mix here.

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