Taxday is a mix featuring  interesting  Latin and World beats, with a smattering of funk and vocal house.

Original Liner Notes

Wednesday, April 13, 2005:

I have been working on a new mix, and trying out new formats. The working title is Taxday, and it features some interesting Latin and World beats, and then gets kind of dancey. It will most probably have to be split into two mixes for time and tempo considerations. The first song is in fact the dedication: “To all the beautiful freaks and weirdos.”


1-Stay Human (All the Freaky People)-Michael Franti
3-Feel the Heat-Bill Summers
4-Calle Dieceseis-Los Super Seven
6-Aganju (Latin Project Remix)-Bebel Gilberto
7-Comodón Johnson-Los Amigos Invisibles
8-Playa Azul-Los Amigos Invisibles
9-Jazz Music-De-Phazz
10-Get Together-Tony Allen
11-Cloudburst-Critters Buggin
12-don’t be afraid, you have just got your eyes closed-múm
13-Reality Check-Stigmato Inc
14-Because I Enjoy It-Max Leonidas
15-Superfly (Louie Vega EOL Remix)-Curtis Mayfield
16-Prix Choc-Etienne de Crecy
17-I’m A Good Man-Martin Solveig (Mousse T Mix)
18-A Warm Summer Night (King Britt Scuba Remix)-Chic
19-Afrocatalans [Hardsoul Emocion Tropical Treatment]-Danny Marquez/Ferry B.
20-Seven Nation Army-Openair
21-Such Great Heights (John Tejada Remix)-The Postal Service

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