Music For Social Action

Music For Social Action

Get your mind right as you volunteer!

This mix is for people on their way to or from a volunteer project, or perhaps just reflecting on how to make the world a better place. Using musical genres as diverse as grunge, hip-hop, reggae, rock, soul and house, this thought provoking mix touches on issues like poverty, homelessness, hunger, and the environment.

Highlights include Bob Marley鈥檚 War Based on Haile Selassie鈥檚 address to the UN General Assembly in 1963, John Mellencamp鈥檚 Scarecrow about the experience of losing the family farm, and William Shatner鈥檚 cover of Blur鈥檚 Common People, which might sound cheesy and overproduced, but it gets the point across.

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Music for Social Action Playlist

Marvin Gaye 鈥 Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
Curis Mayfield 鈥 Freddie鈥檚 Dead
Stevie Wonder 鈥 Living For The City
Bob Marley & The Wailers 鈥 War
Arrested Development 鈥 Tennessee
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five 鈥 The Message
Mos Def 鈥 Mathematics
Tracy Chapman 鈥 Talkin鈥 Bout A Revolution
Gil Scott-Heron 鈥 Winter In America
Red Hot Chili Peppers 鈥 Under The Bridge
Temple of the Dog 鈥 Hunger Strike
John Mellencamp 鈥 Rain On The Scarecrow
William Shatner 鈥 Common People
Crystal Waters 鈥 Gypsy Woman (She鈥檚 Homeless)
Juju Rogers – Hungry

Feed the poor.
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