the world is closed - revisionist nostalgia

Revisionist Nostalgia

In the future, you will look back on this era with rose-colored glasses. When the angst and anxiety of 2020 have faded, you will fondly remember all the positive things that happened this past year. You might have picked up a new skill like baking, or started a yoga or meditation practice. This might have been the year that...



Sounds from out of this world! This playlist is named after an object in space. Not just any object, but the deepest destination in the sky ever visited by a spacecraft from Earth. What is it? How do you pronounce that? Listen on Spotify Listen on YouTube...

Consultants of Swing

Consultants of Swing

Featuring songs with great lyrics and vocals, souled out grooves, aggressively textured keyboard sounds, songs that dive deep into the heart & soul of everything, reflections on love, strong women who rock the party, music for applying sunscreen, and experimental Latin grooves....

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