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The last party ever held at El Taller was #DebsEpicProm.

#DebsEpicPromIt was a chance for friends to get together for dancing, drinks and laughs in their finest ruffle shirts and prom dresses.

The music for the night was heavy on the 80s, with some 90s music and cutting edge dance tracks. There was even some Punjabi MCs and Disko Partizani for the international crowd.

The prom queen was crowned to Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark – If You Leave, which you might remember from the movie Pretty In Pink.
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Beth Elohim Wedding

Congregation Beth Elohim, Park Slope, Brooklyn
Sunday of Labor Day Weekend 2014

Brooklyn Style

The bride and groom started working on their playlist nearly a year before the wedding started. Their initial Spotify playlist had very distinct selections from across the musical spectrum. It included songs by Arcade Fire, Jackie Wilson, KT Tunstall, Talking Heads, Destiny’s Child, No Doubt, Jens Lekman, Outkast, James Taylor, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Dire Straits, Mos Def, Usher, M.I.A., The Cure, The Roots, Jay Z, Amy Winehouse, Beck, TLC, and Stevie Wonder.

Beth Elohim
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Happy Trails Old Friend

old friendSaying goodbye to beloved gear

This morning I gave away my old DJ system.  After upgrading all my equipment, my old gear — a constant companion for 10 years of gigs — has finally become obsolete.  I tried to sell it on Craig’s List and Facebook, but didn’t find any takers.  So I decided that I would try to find a good home for it. Somewhere it could live out the rest of it’s years surrounded by good times and good people.

As we carried the big box out of my basement for the last time, I felt a little sad.  It’s like seeing an old friend go.  We had so many great times together. A DJ residency in New York in 2004, a few summers in the Hamptons, weddings in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.  But it’s being adopted by someone who plans on putting it to good use on Manhattan rooftops, Burner parties and back in the Hamptons.

I miss you already, Old Friend.

I better learn how to face it.

Mennu Wins The World Cup

Feel the excitement!

The keys to victory are: score early and often, put on a good act in front of the referee, and don’t bite anyone!

Download a zipped folder with this mix.
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Indian Spring Country Club Wedding

Multi-Cultural Wedding With Style

This wedding at the Indian Spring Country Club celebrated the union of an Indian bride and Korean Groom. It was planned at a distance: the bride and groom live in California, but the wedding was held in New Jersey, close to the bride’s family. All the meetings and conversations took place over the phone or using Google Hangouts for video conferencing. The bride wanted to include some Bollywood hits and provided a list of songs that she and her family like. The groom’s music was from his college days where he and his friends used to host excellent parties. The combination made the wedding a memorable experience for everyone involved. Continue reading Indian Spring Country Club Wedding

Jam Odyssey Under The Sea

These Were My Jams in 2013


About a year ago, I saw a post on facebook from producer-friend which had a link to a song with the preface, “This is my jam.” Intrigued, I clicked through and discovered a new social service called — wait for it — This Is My Jam. It prompts you to select a song once a week. I’ve been doing it for the past year, sharing my weekly jams through my Facebook page and Twitter feed. I even made a few new friends on This Is My Jam where I look forward to seeing what my friends will post next, and who might like my current jam.

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Bryn Mawr Sweet 16

High Energy

The theme was Chinese New year for this Bryn Mawr Sweet 16 party. The setting was the upstairs of Yang Ming restaurant, with a full seated banquet in one area, and a dance floor in the other. During the weeks that led up to the party, I worked with the family to create a song list that was fun and energetic. Using a google spreadsheet, the family and birthday girl had a chance to approve or disapprove of my suggestions, and add some requests of their own. The final result was an upbeat Top-40 party set with a couple of classic rock songs and show tunes thrown in for the parents and younger kids. Continue reading Bryn Mawr Sweet 16