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Stories about special events from the past.

Bryn Mawr Sweet 16

High Energy

The theme was Chinese New year for this Bryn Mawr Sweet 16 party. The setting was the upstairs of Yang Ming restaurant, with a full seated banquet in one area, and a dance floor in the other. During the weeks that led up to the party, I worked with the family to create a song list that was fun and energetic. Using a google spreadsheet, the family and birthday girl had a chance to approve or disapprove of my suggestions, and add some requests of their own. The final result was an upbeat Top-40 party set with a couple of classic rock songs and show tunes thrown in for the parents and younger kids. Continue reading Bryn Mawr Sweet 16

Spring Hill Manor Wedding

Classic Rock on Records

This wedding took place on a gorgeous day in late June at Spring Hill Manor in Rising Sun, MD.  It was fun planning the music with the bride and groom. The couple asked for a lot of classic rock, and even brought some of their favorite records with them to the wedding.  I was so inspired by their vinyl collection, I surprised them a copy of Salt-N-Peppa’s “Whatta Man” on a record.  Through the night, I was able to switch over to vinyl for a some songs,  including “Golden Years” by David Bowie and “We’ve Only Just Begun” by The Carpenters.

For the full digital playlist for the night, click here.

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Montclair Bat Mitzvah

The Un-Bat Mitzvah

This bat mitzvah, at Bnai Keshet, in Montclair, NJ, was supposed to be different from the start. There wasn’t going to be all the pomp and flash that you might see at similar parties. It was meant to be a more intimate celebration, reflective of the family’s values. During the planning of the event, the parents talked about the event being very “low key.” But low key does not mean low energy The crowd was diverse and energetic and danced through the night. The circled wildly to the hora, and rocked out to some Saturday night classic rock.

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Bat Mitzvah at The Women’s Club of Glen Ridge

Parents and kids on the dance floor at the same time...and loving it!
Parents and kids on the dance floor at the same time…and loving it!

When the parents of the Bat Mitzvah girl first got in touch with me, it was three weeks before the event. Since the parents are both production types who work in media, I knew that we would be able to put together the best music for the event on a short timetable. Neither the parents nor the daughter wanted any kind of top 40 music, and the bat mitzvah asked about having a Charleston contest. Continue reading Bat Mitzvah at The Women’s Club of Glen Ridge

New Hope Wedding

I met the couple six months before their wedding. At our first meeting we discussed their musical likes and dislikes.  We talked about the wedding itself: how many people, who will be in the room, what they envision happening on that day.  After thinking about the guests and the flow of the wedding, we turned our attention to music. When they shared their love for Society by Eddie Vedder, I knew it was going to be a special wedding. Continue reading New Hope Wedding

Prallsville Mills Wedding

International Sounds in a Unique Setting

prallsville-mills-weddingThis was a great wedding, featuring a fantastic couple, diverse crowd and beautiful rustic backdrop.  The wedding took place in a historic building called Prallsville Mills in Stockton, NJ, right across the bridge from New Hope, PA.  The ceremony and dinner were upstairs and the party and dancing — where the DJ system was set up — was downstairs. The wedding guests didn’t wait for dinner to be over before they starting trickling downstairs for the party. Continue reading Prallsville Mills Wedding